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Template Zapper is now an official Authorized Soholaunch Programming Partner.

Check out our new TZ Coupon Code Plugin for Soholaunch.

All of our current "stock" templates, TZ-Menu Systems, and Soholaunch plugins are located at addons.soholaunch.com.

We specialize in custom Soholaunch Templates, DHTML menu systems, and Plugins for integration with Soholaunch.

Also, we can take just about any website template, purchased anywhere, and convert it to the Soholaunch system.

Stock Soholaunch Templates



 NEW Soholaunch Flash Banner Templates
The main line and slogan line is easily changed with Soholaunch's template settings.
The Flash templates also include a custom TZ Menu System.
Click on an image to see the flash in action.



Coupon Code System for
Soholaunch Pro Shopping Cart!


DHTML Menu Systems
Controlled by Soholaunch!




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